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English bull terrier portrait

english bull terrier portrait in charcoal

I met Billy’s owner at the Autumn Flower Show in Malvern. She saw me working on a triple terrier portrait in pastel when I was exhibiting with my stand.

Choosing pet portraits sizes and mediums

Billy had sadly passed away in July and after seeing my dog portraits she wanted to commission an English bull terrier portrait of her dearly departed boy as a memorial for her family to keep. She looked all over my animal art gallery where I had examples in many sizes of both charcoal and pastel so she knew exactly what she would like to order. She settled on a lovely charcoal drawing which was especially suitable as Billy was dark brindle with a white chest and flash down his nose. We both agreed the charcoal would make a fetching portrait of her much missed boy. She decided a size 12 x 16 inch would make a lovely eye catching size with plenty of detail to remember Billy with.

English bull terrier reference photos

As soon as Sam was home she emailed me a range of photo references including her favourite image of Billy as a passenger in her car but wanted his collar removed. The selection of additional photos ensured I had plenty of detailed information to work with and so could produce the memorial portrait that was hoped for.

Work in progress pet portraits updates

I sent Sam (Billy’s Mum) some updates of Billy’s English bull terrier portrait as I worked and thankfully she let me know I was heading in the right direction, in fact she was super happy with the portrait as it progressed. I made a minor change to her portrait as I thought Billy had a small black stripe on his neck but it was actually the edging of his collar, luckily because she had received my work in progress emails I could simply change It as I went along with very little effort. Below are some of the updates I sent Billy’s Mum.

English bull terrier pet portrait video

You’ll see the black flash disappear on the right side in the video below as I managed to create a little timelapse of Billy’s portrait as I went along so you can see him being made. 

Eco-friendly packaging and tracked delivery

So finally Billy was ready to make his way homeward bound across the Irish sea in time for Christmas and he made it just in the nick of time. I had eco-friendly gift wrapped his portrait inside the delivery packaging so he was presentation ready,  and he was left under the tree unopened until Christmas Day.

green packaging

Client feedback

I’ve received a glowing customer review from Billy’s human Dad who said Billy’s portrait had made it

One of the most amazing Christmases ever!

It’s an honour to be asked to create a memory of a much missed family pet, as a multi, multi pet owner myself I know how heart breaking it is to lose one. I am proud to be asked on a regular basis to give families back a reminder of their furry family member.

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