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Dog art in pastel continued

work in progress dog painting in pastel

More on my dog art in pastel. I’ve added more step by step photos and details.

Continuing my dog art in pastel…. As you can see I’ve built up more layers of fur on Josh’s dog portrait, his fur is longer to the sides of his face and on the neck. To achieve longer looking fur it’s simply a case of making the pastel strokes longer too. You can see the first stage of this piece of dog art here

artist studio easel

Thought you may like to see me at work at my easel! This is the heart of my pet portraits operation and where I do my best thinking!

artist studio

A quick view of my artist studio, as you can see it’s a very relaxed work space where my studio assistants have plenty of snooze breaks and comfortable seating! Across the back of the sofa are dog treats put out of reach otherwise they’d be scoffing all day as well!

dog art in pastel 2

As you can see I’ve started to add layers to Josh’s back. This is simply a matter of adding light strokes of pastel in the same direction as the fur grows. After many layers have been added in varying colours it does give the impression of individual shafts of fur.

dog art in pastel 3

At last Josh has a nose. I’ve added highlights to the top of his nose, and to the right cheek as you look at the portrait. This always helps make the subject look more 3d as it gives the impression of shape being in light or shadow.

dog art in pastel

I’ve started adding fluffy neck fur around the collar. It’s taking quite a few layers using all shortish strokes to create the volume (sounds like a shampoo advert!) but I can see the end in sight, plus Josh’s updates are receiving excellent reviews so I can carry on knowing I’m going in the right direction.


Thought I’d show you England in winter but on a non rainy day! Not too bad is it! However if I had added a photo of my feet you would have seen layers of mud up my trousers and wellies! This is the view from Flaxley woods out towards the River Severn.


And a quick pic of Willow in the winter woodlands! Just because she’s a beauty and because I can!

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2 thoughts on “Dog art in pastel continued

  1. Thank you Marianne, great to meet a fellow artist! I’ve had a look around your website too, fab art!

  2. Beautiful work. Seeing your steps are very inspiring. And I loved seeing your studio… something I am really missing right now.

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