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Dachshund pet portrait in pastel

dachshund portrait

This fabulous little doxie named Digby was crying out to be a dachshund pet portrait.

He’s too cute for words and I was so excited to be commissioned to paint him in pastel. I was sent a few photos to work from but everyone’s favourite was his passport photo (yes he has a passport!) where he was wearing his little jumper. It just had to be.

stage 1

So here is Digby making an appearance on my easel. I love panpastels for how quickly they cover the support and it makes me feel as though I’ve achieved quite a lot in a very short time (as opposed to when I start adding the pastel pencil detailing!) You can see some of the tools I use to apply the pans, not just the sofft tools which are the official ones but I’ve found make-up applicators and brushes are equally as good, the brushes never wear down either and can easily be cleaned to use for multiple colours without and cross contamination.

So you can see Digby’s eyes are already in place, I used pastel pencils from my vast collection, the best way to achieve detail is to make sure you keep the pastel pencils sharp (read my blog post about how to sharpen pastel pencils) which really helps you get into the tiniest areas.

stage 5

You can see Digby’s little knitted jumper was pretty hard work to create, lots and lots of pastel pencil strokes in all directions to give the impression of stitches. I drove me a bit potty creating it but when done I was so pleased to have created an artistic version of knitting (can’t knit myself, I can crochet though) Note the little colour chart down in the right hand corner of the photo above where I colour match from the reference image.

dachshund pet portrait

This dachshund pet portrait was great fun to complete and Digby himself is a bit of a special boy. He initially belonged to the couple who organise Welland Steam Rally (where they met me and booked their portrait – yes I will be there again this year!) Digby had spinal problems which is a problem that occurs often with this cute little breed of dog so he was left with the Grandparents to recover from surgery however, they didn’t return Digby and he now travels all over Europe in their camper home on holiday for much of every summer which is why he has his own passport. What a lucky little chap!!!!! (Oh if only I was a dachshund….)

photo comparison

So here is Digby’s photo comparison, you can see that jumper I had to match (Oh the pain!)

And for those of you who love to see how I work, here is a little timelapse of the lovely Digby. His humans have been asking for his blog post and I’ve been a bit naughty getting behind but at last here he is in his full glory!

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Exclusive, Little Poo’s News

So it’s been a busy time in the studio, it’s almost show season so my human has been getting ready, prints, framing, originals etc to take to the shows whilst I’ve been supervising (I’m very good at that!) and now the sun has arrived I’ve found the plan chest is great to work on my tan and watch those squirrels on the bird feeder. Every now and then I need to round up said squidgies and I take off like a rocket sending everything to the floor. My human has told me off a few times but she always does it nicely so it can’t be that bad! Anyway, off to supervise some egg collecting now (sometimes one gets dropped and I get a free snack so can’t miss it) so until next time!!!

With much love and dog hair, Little Poo x

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