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Cocker spaniel pet portrait in charcoal

Dru’s owner commissioned me when she was pretty ill and unable to keep her dog at home with her due to long hospital stays. 

Judith was in and out of hospital quite often but also couldn’t drive so felt it best for him to stay with someone else for a while but she adored her boy, a championship line cocker spaniel so much that she wanted to have something special at home with her when she was recuperating. Dru has a glossy black coat so a charcoal drawing suited him perfectly. Judith already knew which was her favourite photo (Dru has a habit of lying underneath the rose bushes so the leaves caught in his coat had an extra special meaning for her. ) She sent me a highly detailed image to use although I have worked from lower quality with great success.

I kept in contact with Judith throughout the creation process of her cocker spaniel pet portrait, she was so excited to receive my updates, it really gave her something to look forward to during her treatment, she told me she checked her email inbox regularly in case I had sent her another update. Whenever she received an update she would ring me to tell me how I was getting on, we spoke for many hours on the phone overall and she told me all about her beautiful boy and the previous cocker spaniels she had owned over the years, they obviously meant a lot to her.

Cocker Spaniel Pet Portrait Updates

work in progress stage 1

work in progress stage 2
work in progress stage 3

So above where the updates I sent to Judith, she was pretty pleased with progress and was looking forward to seeing her special boy Dru at home with her. 

The completed Cocker Spaniel Pet Portrait

cocker spaniel pet portrait

Judith was extremely happy with her charcoal drawing of Dru, she had him framed straight away and hung him above the fire place so she could see him every evening. I kept in touch with her and after a long six months Judith was well enough to have Dru back at home, no doubt spoiled rotten and allowed to carry on sleeping underneath her rose bush! It’s so nice to hear how much a pet portrait can mean to someone, it makes me feel as though I am making a difference even in a small way of helping people share time with their pet even when they are not there. 

I have a double cocker spaniel portrait in the making soon, it is to be made up of a composite from quite a few photos so should be a bit of a challenge, something to get my teeth into and tax the old brain cells! I’m sure Little Poo will be on hand to offer yet more sound and sage advice!

Talking of which….. it’s that time again…..

Little Poo's News

So Little Poo doesn’t do cold and wet weather, she’s a bit of a fair weather fairy. She loves to sunbathe and work on her tan lines but if you open the door and she feels a bit of wind or rain, she simply goes back to bed. So as you may or may not have noticed here in the UK it’s mid winter (not as bad as last year I grant you, but winter all the same)

Little Poo sofa day

So this was what happened when we were supposed to go down the garden to collect eggs (another duty she is supposed to fulfil) but she didn’t even bother getting up today. As you all know she’s a bit special so she was allowed a sofa day but tomorrow I’m cracking the whip! She has plenty of filing and admin to do! Look at the dirty look she gave me when I told her!!!

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Commission your own pet portraits

You can also book your own pet portraits commissions but if you need further information please do feel free to contact Little Poo (she deals with all the enquiries as part of her studio assistant role.) I’ll make sure she gets back to work very shortly! also you can see more dog portraits in the gallery.

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