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The Art Studio at Christmas

art studio at christmas

I have so many customers coming to my studio this month to collect secret commissions I decided I needed to tidy up!

My studio had become a little bit messy (you know me, that’s got to be tongue in cheek, it looked like a bomb site!) so when some previous customers called in unexpectedly for a cuppa, it was awful. They were squashed at one end of the studio sofa as I had so much packaging, supplies and portraits all over the place, something had to be done! My Mum would have shaken her head in shame at me for having visitors climb over boxes, plus hubby also informed me that my terrible lack of Christmas spirit was such a let down, he made me go shopping for a Christmas tree and a few baubles! I don’t think I’ve ever put up a Christmas tree before, at home I was always working and my Mum and sister would do all the hard work. I would come home to a beautiful tree with very little effort (ah well, true to character I quite like it when someone else does all the behind the scenes stuff)

Anyway, three big bags of rubbish later, many delivery boxes, untold biscuit packets and general arty rubble, I managed to find the floor and a set of pencils, luckily there were no dead bodies hidden anywhere!

It still needs further tidying, but I can’t have it perfect, it wouldn’t last long plus it just wouldn’t be a reflection of the real me (that’s my excuse and I am so sticking to it…..forever) so here are a few photos of my studio, the place where I get creative and generally pretend I’m on Blue Peter making stuff!

studio seating

So at least the sofa has been dug out  and I can see the floor, I also found time to do some framing ready for a delivery over the weekend, it’s all go these days!

I also hung up my pet portraits and wildlife art, they had an outing to my last show at the end of September but had been put into cases and never put back onto the wall. Anyone who has seen me set up at our guild exhibitions knows how long I take, I’m what’s classed as a fuss pot so this took quite a bit of time! At any of the events I’m usually the first to arrive and last to leave! Sometimes I even manage to annoy myself!

I dug out my little light up sign wishing all my visitors a Merry Xmas (alas not enough letters for ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ which really annoyed me so I now need to find out if I can buy extra letters to appease my frustration!)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but every Friday we visit our local auction rooms, it’s quite a random mix of items from house clearances, general items, military bits and blobs but I’ve found some real gems for my studio, this wall cabinet being one of them. It’s just the right size for my framed ACEOs and miniature pieces. Make note of the reindeer and baubles, please!

More reindeer, am I earning any Christmas spirit points yet?!?

Don’t collapse with shock but yes, THAT IS A CHRISTMAS TREE!!! As you can see, it’s still a working artist studio (see how I’m making excuses for it not being too tidy already) so ignore the toaster, fizzy drinks bottle and so on, but an artist needs sustenance to work so hard!

And of course, I was able to add a little Christmas tinsel to my beautiful Big Stan.

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