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Chocolate labrador paintings and the uncoiling of Spring!

chocolate labrador dog portrait work in progress

Bit of an update on Holly’s dog portrait. I’m a little behind as my website crashed entirely losing my blog to boot. I’ve had to rebuild it all from scratch as my databases were lost so it’s been a frantic few days (and I work a full time job too). At last I can stop pulling my hair out now I’m back online! I have lots more to do to sort it out but at least you can visit some sort of website for the time being!

I also thought it was time for a bit of a spruce up and have tidied up in terms of pages, navigation etc so it’s easier to get around and then a new range of colours just right for spring as it is the season for all things stormy! I’ve also made my blog with a narrow sidebar so I can add bigger pics!

So Holly has been patiently awaiting my return to the easel bless her so it’s pastel pencils at the ready to get her finished now.

You can see more dogs in my dog portraits gallery. You can find out all about making your own pet portraits commissions or please feel free to contact me for more information

robin in tree aceo on ebay

This little cutie is still on Ebay. due to my website mania I haven’t really had chance to post it anywhere! You can find it here. See more Wildlife Art.


Finally it feels as though spring isn’t too far off and the squirrels are out and about eating all the new cones from the trees. I do love grey squirrels even if they are not a native species to the UK. Sadly they do kill our very cute native red squirrels with a virus they carry but the reds are no longer in our neck of the woods and tend to live in pockets of woodland where they are protected to prevent them becoming extinct. You can see more of the local wildlife here

woodland sunshine

And here is a bit of England’s glory. Some sunshine in the beautiful woods of the Forest of Dean where I live. Not much green yet but it will soon start to appear and we can all sigh with relief that the grey of winter is finally over! All we need now is the sound of the cuckoo which is an old signal to leave your wellies at home!

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Feel free to visit my  gallery where you will find lots of completed dog portraits but if you like to see how they are made, visit my dog art blog posts where I show step by step updates from the beginning to end of each piece and don’t forget I offer worldwide pet portraits commissions.

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