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Double trouble terriers!

terrier blog post

One of my latest charcoal pet portraits. These two are Archie and Stitch, a duo of terriers I was asked to draw after meeting their humans at a show I was exhibiting at.

Pet Portraits Photo References

I met Tania and Steve at a Flower show event with my stand and they booked a portrait of  their two little furry bundles. Luckily for me their owners had the ability to take some very highly detailed and high resolution photos, fantastic to use for pet portraits. When the images began arriving in my inbox I was so happy! The only thing was they were unable to get them to sit together in a pose suitable for dog portraits but they had plenty of individual images of each dog. It took a bit of back and forth before we created a duo of togetherness from two different images which had similar poses so it did look like they had been sat together at the time.

charcoal pet portraits references

Charcoal Pet Portraits Timelapse Video

I am enjoying making these little timelapse videos and my clients love them. A couple have asked for me to save a slower version on sd cards for them to take home so they can view the whole of the process of creation at any time which is just great feedback even if I am still learning the editing skills needed. I have now started a YouTube channel where you can see more

So here are a few of the updates of the charcoal drawings I sent to my clients as I went along. They gave me invaluable feedback as I went along letting me know I was heading in the right direction with these beautiful boys

Here’s some of the feedback their human gave me…


Hi Karie-Ann, 

We think it is absolutely brilliant, can’t tell you how happy we are with it! 
Your new technique has worked a treat and it almost looks as if the boys are going to jump out of the picture!
terriers stage 1
terriers stage 2
terriers stage 3
charcoal pet portraits


This is your life Archie and Stitch!

Here is what this delightful duo’s human slaves told me about them…


Archie is a 13 year old Jack Russell with a mind of his own. He is very stubborn & likes the sound of his own voice, but also loves to be fussed and to sunbathe in the summer! Stitch is a 12 year old Jack Russell x Patterdale who can be a bit of a bully! He will do anything for food, loves a cuddle, going for his walks and is the most patient dog ever I think!

It’s always nice to find out a little about my subjects, it all goes to getting to know their personalities if I don’t manage to meet them in person but as these two live quite far away their ‘this is your life’ info was great!

Photo Comparison

pet portraits comparison

So here’s a quick comparison between the photos used and my finished charcoal pet portraits drawing. I used two seperate images for references as I mentioned before and had to marry them up in terms of size and pose to get the to fit together. Lots of people have the problem of pets who won’t pose together but it really isn’t a problem to use individual photos at all, sometimes the pets in a portrait have never even met as one has passed away a long time ago but it’s easy to mix and match (Little Poo does all of my computer work, you have no idea of her hidden skills!)


charcoal pet portraits packing

So you may know I use tracking with my charcoal pet portraits so I can make sure they don’t go wayward on the way home but I’ve already received the news that these two have made it home in my eco friendly packaging.

The boys have arrived and are absolutely fantastic.  I am so pleased with it and I know Steve will be when he sees it tonight.  I’ve showed it to my colleagues and they can’t believe how realistic it is.Will get it framed as soon as we can and will send a photo to you when done.

Thank you once again, love it!

Tania x

Little Poo's News

New for 2019. Little Poo now posts behind the scenes stuff exclusively on Art by Karie-Ann. Here you can find out about her life as my studio assistant how she holds the arty enterprise together and keeps it running smoothly however for her first update I helped her out with learning how to use the keyboard this week but from now on she’s doing it all herself! It’s pretty gritty reading so find out how Little Poo wasn’t quite on the ball this week (let’s hope she improves for her next update!)

Little Poo’s Nemesis

view from the pet portraits studio
So today Little Poo hasn’t been much help at all. She’s not answered the phone, not opened the mail, nothing and all because this little creature was taunting her from the post in the garden. I’ve told her if her work rate doesn’t improve she’ll be sacked and another of my top team will be promoted! This little fella has been stocking up on fat balls, sunflower seeds plus more from my bird tables, much to Little Poo’s annoyance. She’s had a few fast sprints up the lawn to catch him but he’s quite a wiley creature and so far has evaded her efforts!

New logo

Art by Karie-Ann logo
Some of you may have noticed my new logo on these images. Well my text with the little lion wasn’t very helpful at preventing a certain company on the internet from stealing my images, printing them onto clothing and selling them all without my permission. This company still exists and they are doing it to other artists but now I have to find some way of not covering the image too much but making it more difficult for thieves to steal without having to do at least a little work! I now have the arduous task of revamping all the images on my website but that may take a while to do so bear with me!

Subscribe to Art by Karie-Ann

So I hope you enjoyed meeting Archie and Stitch and seeing the creation of my pet portraits but if you like my post, don’t forget to subscribe to receive these posts as an email reminder, you’ll be reassured to know you’ll never miss the Little Poo’s News again!!! Oh the relief! 

Commission your own pet portraits

You can also book your own pet portraits commissions but if you need further information please do feel free to contact Little Poo (she deals with all the enquiries as part of her studio assistant role.)

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