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Charcoal drawing of Barney the husky cross collie

charcoal drawing

This is Barney, a stunning husky cross collie. I met him in person when he came for a photo shoot.
He proved to be the perfect gentleman who was easily persuaded to pose with the help of a few sprats. His portrait was a charcoal drawing with a hint of blue pastel for his ice blue eyes which were amazing.

Creating a charcoal drawing

Barney stage 1

I used anthracite pastelmat. I have a wardrobe full of the stuff after buying it in bulk during an online art shop sale! I think I have enough to last for quite some time! I used panpastel for the background along with charcoal sticks and pencils from Derwent, Faber Castell and Generals plus a little pastel pencil as mentioned before. You can see where I’ve used the charcoal sticks to block in areas, I found I could be quite loose with the sticks as they blended together even smoother than pastel sticks so it was just a case of slap it on then smooth it out!

You can see around the ears and forehead where I started using the charcoal pencils to add details to this charcoal drawing. Due to the fact I use only four charcoal pencils it does make artwork appear at a much quicker rate than pastels.

Barney stage 2

I continued to add more details with the charcoal pencils, luckily they are harder and sharpen much easier than pastels so I was on a bit of a roll! I have a fair few more charcoals booked in and I am really enjoying them, it’s nice not to have to colour match everything and just get messy!

Barney stage 3
So here are a few of the tools I used for this charcoal drawing. The chalk holders are a great little tool, I am such a messy artist, they really do make charcoal sticks easier to handle than in my fingers. I still get covered though, I look like I’ve been playing in soot most of the time!

charcoal drawing
And here is he! The very handsome Barney in his charcoal drawing are ready for collection by his humans (hope they bring him for another visit!)

Barney’s portrait has now been framed! See how it looks!

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Behind the scenes

I’m in the midst of many commissions at the moment. I have never been so busy but it also means my studio is a complete mess at the moment. I’ve had a few people come to collect portraits and a couple of photo shoots but hilariously all I could do was clear a path to the sofa! Ah well, that’s what spring cleaning is for! See you all on the other side!

Materials Info

Other news

forest of dean sheep

Thought you may like to meet a few of the local residents. Living in the Forest of Dean is very quirky and Sheep Badgers, people who keep sheep, are allowed to let them roam freely about the woods and villages. It does cause some friction especially when they break into gardens and they do also have a habit of lying on the edges of roads but when you see them like this they are really quite sweet.

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