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The Three Musketeers

cavalier king charles spaniel blog post

Cavalier King Charles pet portrait of three beauties, in order of appearance are Harry, Bailey and Murphy. 

cavalier king charles portrait

So Harry and Murphy have visited my studio a few times now, everytime they make themselves at home and pose beautifully for photos as you can see below!

Harry the cavalier

Harry the Cavalier King Charles on the royal throne!

Murphy the cavalier

Murphy relaxing

The Making of a Cavalier King Charles Pet Portrait

cavalier pet portrait work in progress
cavalier pet portrait work in progress 2
cavalier pet portrait work in progress 3
cavalier pet portrait work in progress 4
cavalier pet portrait work in progress 5
cavalier king charles portrait

So above are some of the stages I sent to owners to make sure everything was as they wanted. It’s so much easier to change things as work is progressing rather than at the end. So the lovely Bailey was created from a couple of references, his beautiful face was perfect in one shot but his body was sideways so I was able to use the pose of his chest from a second photo however I made him too square on his shoulders so his owners simply asked for this to be changed (no problem at all) to make him sit nicer with Harry and Murphy but also to give him the correct shape. The work in progress updates are perfect in ensuring the finished portrait is just as expected by my clients.

framed cavalier king charles portrait

So here are the three all framed up. Their owners found a lovely frame to match their mirror and it was so big I could add bigger mounts so allow for their plaque to be added too. I believe as soon as they arrived home they were immediately hung up in pride of place so that’s fantastic to know!

Cavalier King Charles Pet Portrait Timelapse Video

Cavalier King Charles Portrait Timelapse

Little Poo's News

And now for the most important part of the blog – ‘Little Poo’s News’. It’s been a busy old week for Little Poo, she’s had so much to do, the studio is super busy so she’s been working very hard. The owners of these lovely cavaliers brought some dog biscuits with them, I wasn’t sure if my dogs would eat them so they were earmarked for our chickens however Little Poo has been chief taster and she finds them very tasty. I did wonder why she was sitting very quietly and then I heard a little rustle every now and then giving away her secretive effort at pinching them!!! We’ve had words as she knows it’ll spoil her tea!

Here she is chairing the studio meeting. She obviously gets top chair due to her status (too short to see from the floor!)

customer service
So here is Little Poo handling my customer service (she now has a gold star) but as you can see she did have a sneaky look at the chocolate biscuits however she politely declined any – I think she’d already spotted the dog biscuits!

And here she is doing some quality control. On a good day she can scramble across from the sofa but sometimes she needs a lift up to the work bench! I’m pleased to say she gave Harry, Bailey and Murphy the once over with all having made the grade!

Time Out

Little Poo and Big Will

Sometimes things get so busy in the studio we need some time out. Everyday my furries wander around our local woods but sometimes we need an adventure and these two are always up for that. We just disappear out into the beyond and as spring is making an entrance we decided to extend our ramble. As you can see my companions love it! Armed with a camera and a pair of wellies we take on the world!!!

Little Poo in the woods

As you can see Little Poo does struggle in longer grass and undergrowth but she pushes on like a trouper to get through! 

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Commission your own pet portraits

You can also book your own pet portraits commissions but if you need further information please do feel free to contact Little Poo (she deals with all the enquiries as part of her studio assistant role.) I’ll make sure she gets back to work very shortly! also you can see more dog portraits in the gallery.


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