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Completed Spaniel Pastel Painting

spaniel dog painting

So here is my spaniel painting completed. This one didn’t take too long for me, I must have recharged my batteries at some point! I used derwent pastel pencils only for this to see if the range was sufficient for an entire dog painting and they were indeed enough. I also used brown pastelmat and I’m almost convinced this is the best combo for me. I have thousands of pastel pencils and its getting out of hand and I almost feel I want to slim down my supplies before I need a room just for them! It’s also easier when reordering supplies!

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Spaniel Dog Portrait in the making

spaniel dog portraits

Once more I’ve been busy at the easel. This is my latest spaniel dog portraits in the making. This one is being videod so hopefully there will be a little film to watch at the end of it! I’m completing it solely in derwent pastel pencils with a couple of derwent sticks for the background and on pastelmat. It will measure 12×12 inches and is to be a surprise Father’s Day Gift.

You can see more of this spaniel dog painting.

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Chocolate lab dog paintings completed

Holly’s dog portrait is now completed. I’ve sent each update to her Mum, and so far the news is all good, fingers crossed the last update is also the same! It’s definitely been hard resisting too much chocolate especially as it’s been Easter and Holly’s colouring has certainly made me feel very peckish!

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Chocolate labrador dog portraits continued

chocolate lab portrait

Still working away on Holly, one of my latest dog portraits and I think I’ve managed to get her shine coming through! Her reference photo is very hazy so it’s been quite a bit of guess work. Her Mum asked for the lightness on her forehead to be toned down, which I have done and it’s given way to lots of chocolate, yummy! Read my Customer reviews from previous clients. Continue reading Chocolate labrador dog portraits continued

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Chocolate labrador paintings and the uncoiling of Spring!

chocolate labrador dog portrait work in progress

Bit of an update on Holly’s dog portrait. I’m a little behind as my website crashed entirely losing my blog to boot. I’ve had to rebuild it all from scratch as my databases were lost so it’s been a frantic few days (and I work a full time job too). At last I can stop pulling my hair out now I’m back online! I have lots more to do to sort it out but at least you can visit some sort of website for the time being!

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