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Cat portrait painting

cat portrait painting

This is the third cat portrait painting for a lovely client who lives and breathes cats! This is the magnificent Mycroft, a beautiful british blue.

custom cat portraits

I used a variety of pastels to create this cat portrait painting of Mycroft. The underlayers of his fur and the background were added using panpastels. They look like eye makeup compacts and are applied with sponges. Panpastels are highly pigmented so only a thin layer is needed to give very good coverage but it doesn’t fill the nap allowing me to add lots of layers of pastel pencils to recreate fur on this cat portrait drawing. You can see how I’ve started to build up the fur, some places only have a few layers on at this stage but some have already really been built up.

cat portrait artist

Mycroft was also lay on the lawn, so I had quite a lot of grass to contend with! I used the same technique for the grass as I had used for fur, building up layers bit by bit to achieve the look of blades of grass. It was very time consuming so I did it in stages to stop myself from going grass blind!!!

cat portrait drawing

The image above will give you an idea of how I created the grass, there were two layers of panpastels to build up a really dark underlayer, then working from dark to light, I added individual pastel pencil strokes to imitate blades of grass. You can see above how only a few layers of grass have been added at this stage so it all looks very flat.

portrait of my cat

Above you can see the grass being built up on this cat portrait painting. I added some thicker strokes as not all grass is created equally, it’s not just about the variety of colours and shades but also a variety of thickness and direction of each individual stroke.

cat portrait painting

And here he is, Mycroft in all his glory (and grass!)

cat portrait painting framed

And here he is framed and ready for delivery. Don’t forget, you can order your own pet portraits commissions or Custom cat portraits in either charcoal or pastel. You can see more cat portraits in my gallery.

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Behind the scenes

So what else have I been up to? Well it is the summer season so it is British tradition to go to summer shows, rallies and events outdoors (and hope for no rain!) and one of the most local to me and possibly busiest is Monmouth Show. This is the first year it’s been held on a Saturday, oddly before it was always held on a Thursday but I am happy to report the show was the same as ever, lots of animals, rural crafts, even some tug of war thrown in!!

As ever I had my camera with me and managed to get up close and personal to this big guy!

long horn bull

Isn’t he a handsome chap, and surprisingly very friendly too! His owner was brushing him and preening him for his turn in the show ring but I don’t know how well he did, there was far too much to see for us to wait!


We met a lovely goat, who seemed much better behaved than mine! I could just imagine trying to pen ours up, the fence would be down and chaos would ensue if mine were there!

tynedale monument

We also went to Nibley steam rally. Set in some fields with the most spectacular 360 degree views I have ever seen, this is the Tyndale Monument built in honour of William Tyndale who translated the New Testament from Latin to English. It allows you to see all over the River Severn. Unofficially it’s also known as Nibley Knob which tickles me no end!


And here is one view from the rally ground, how fabulous is it! Other than the steam rally, this view is mainly enjoyed by sheep (lucky sheep!)

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  1. All are pastel backgrounds. And which one?

  2. Checking out your lovely drawings and am wondering, on some of the pictures is the background spray painted? All are great, except for one.
    Keep up the great work.

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