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Butterfly Paintings in pastel

butterfly paintings in pastel

It’s been a while since I managed to create something small and pretty! It’s now the summer season and the butterflies are starting to appear in England and I felt something equally seasonal was the order of the day so three butterfly paintings it was!

I also wanted to create a series so I set about painting 3 OSWOA (Original Small Works of Art) butterfly paintings.

common blue butterfly paintings work in progress

OSWOA are always 4×6 or 6×4 inches, depending on the orientation, landscape or portrait. They are along the lines of ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) which are better known and always 2.5×3.5 inches. It’s a shame the aren’t as well known as they can be easily popped into a gift card and posted to someone anywhere in the world.

common blue butterfly paintings on the easel

To ensure they worked as a series I created the background on each at the same time so I could use the same colourways. I have a terrible habit of walking off only to forget which colours I’ve used and it could so easily become three unrelated pieces. I had to cut the pieces down to size (OSWOA must be exactly the correct size without any handling edges) and I soon realised it would be easier to begin with the correct sized support as it is so easy to smudge pastel when trimming them down.

I used a combination of sticks and pastel pencils. the backgrounds were all created with sennelier sticks, they are lovely and soft and very blendable. I used an archival silver pencil to add the cobwebs and some highlights on the butterfly wings. Sadly it can’t be shown on here but when the light catches the silver they really glint and I think makes the pieces very pretty.

common blue butterfly paintings

I already have another set of three on my easel and this time I will remember to take work in progress shots. I did get carried away as I was enjoying myself too much!

Behind the scenes

My husband has a variety of vintage tractors (amongst plenty of other odds and ends) which he does up. He has a big workshop and shed which lots of birds have been venturing into lately. He was just about to begin work on yet another tractor when he found these little cuties nesting in an old radiator cover.

wagtail chicks

I counted five in all, however one little one was a lot more vocal than the others, everytime my camera bleeped it tweeted and opened it’s beak for food!

wagtail mum

And here is one of the very busy parents feeding this little brood. You’ll be pleased to know the tractor has been moved out and this little family now has the workshop to themselves so they should do very well!

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