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Why you need bespoke pet portraits

pet portraits from photographs

Why order bespoke custom pet portraits? Why not just hang a photo on the wall? Why go to the expense of a hand painted portrait? What’s the point?

So the answers are – For something unique, the perfect scene which didn’t exist, a special gift chosen with care, for the animal lover who really understands it’s value and something to treasure for a lifetime.

Scroll through the photo versus portraits below to see how each photo was adapted to create the perfect portrait. Some photos contain that perfect look your dog always has but something is in the background preventing you from hanging it on the wall, the colours could be over-exposed, you may want more than one pet from different photos but commissioning bespoke pet portraits creates that perfect image you have always wanted.

cockapoo pet portraits

Meet Bertie, a recent Christmas commission (see cockapoo pet portraits work in progress) who was drawn in charcoal. As you can see the reference image was the perfect pose but would never have been hung on the wall. With the magic of a little artist wizardry the perfect scene was set and Bertie was the centre of attention.

terrier dog portraits

Poppy is an example of a reference which needed a bit of adapting, not much but just a little to make it perfect. The cage needed removing from the background and Poppy herself needed tidying up. She is a digger and being so tiny, usually gets covered in leaves, bits of twig and very often is wet. Here I used my skills to give her a bit of a makeover to look her very best for her Dad. You can see Poppy’s terrier dog portrait work in progress here

bespoke pet portraits

Meet Ed, the french mastiff. Sadly Ed had passed away when his portrait was commissioned but this was the chosen pose. Ed loved the beach and his photo was taken on a bright day and as a result was overexposed. His harness also needed removing. My client sent me more photos showing Ed’s true colours and it was simply a case of matching the shades and recreating his pose as a pastel painting. See Ed’s french mastiff portrait come to life

charcoal portraits from photos

This is Twas, an adorable and very adored little chap whose portrait was commissioned by a group of family and friends for a birthday gift. There was no hesitation about which reference to use but it was quite small. With the help of further images I was able to piece together enough details to recreate an accurate but artistic drawing of Twas.  See his charcoal portrait in the making.

Again, the perfect pose but not such a fabulous background. And as if by magic…… Toby’s portrait was commissioned for a birthday gift to take to university so Toby could always be there. See Toby’s portraits from photos as it was created.

rottweiler portraits

Meet Luna, a rescue dog who is cherished by her owner. Luna’s portrait was commissioned for a 21st birthday gift. Her reference photo was wonderful however her Mum loved black and white so Luna was drawn in charcoal and the overpowering background was removed and replaced with a more subtle tone. See Luna’s rottweiler dog portraits.

So if that isn’t enough to convince you why bespoke pet portraits make wonderful gifts then nothing will!

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