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Barn owl painting in pastel ‘Window Shopping’

barn owl painting

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A blog post without any work in progress shots! This barn owl painting has done some miles. It’s been to so many shows with me as a demo piece I’ve lost track of how far it’s been!

barn owl paintingIt’s 12 x 16 inches and has been completed with archival pastels (Derwents, Stabilos, Pitts and Caran D’ache) I find it easier to work on a piece of artwork at shows, it brings people to me and proves it’s me who does the work. I don’t pay someone in another country to do it so I can treble the cost and claim it as my own (some do, look for a website where the work is created by a lone artist with many different styles) neither do I employ many artists to do all the hard work for me then add a ridiculous fee on top. My work is created by me and I want people to know it. I also have to take piece I won’t want to kill someone over if they stick their fingers on it. I have a sign on my easel at shows saying ‘Please do not touch’ but there’s always somebody who does, sometimes even a fellow artist who should know better and even someone eating so I’ve learned not to take commissions to work on, thus for a while, this lovely barn owl has been my constant show companion and he’s been poked and prodded by a few but thankfully his feathers remain unruffled.

The owl itself came from a photo I took at Monmouth show a few years ago and the window has been heavily adapted from the show garden at Malvern Three Counties Showground. I bought myself some metallic pencils a while ago and was desperate to use them, I just knew they had to be shiny cobwebs and so the idea formed in my mind. My broken window has a few silvery cobwebs and I can’t wait to use them again!

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I’ve also managed to finish three more commissions so will blog about those too, very busy here in the studio, next up is a little terrier and being owned by two of these myself I’m really looking forward to it.

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2 thoughts on “Barn owl painting in pastel ‘Window Shopping’

  1. Thank you Michael, missed your comment until now! Hope you are keeping well!

  2. Great painting of the Barn own window shopping..

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