The Wildlife

Being so rural, we have a large range of wildlife. I am forever out taking photos in my garden and the local woods whenever I find a few minutes spare.

We have deer, fallow, roe and muntjak. A few of the fallow are white, which I haven’t managed to capture on film yet, no matter how hard I try! We are also fellow residents with the infamous wild boar. There are several theories as to how they ‘moved in’ however they are here to stay now and my daily ramblings around the woods ensure I see a fair few of them. Spring time brings an influx of hoglets or humbugs as they are also known due to their stripes and they are very cute, sadly they don’t stay that small for long! The Yat Rock is well known for the peregrine falcons who choose to nest and breed there year on year and the whole area is a magnet for twitchers all year round.

I could spend hours taking photographs of the local wildlife, it never ceases to amaze me.

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