The Small Holding

We live in the beautiful Forest of Dean, literally up a forest track in the middle of the woods. It’s very peaceful and we are forever meeting delivery vans as we can’t be found. Someone messed up the postcode and it doesn’t come down our road at all when people use sat navs! Our garden is made up of two fields and it has become a small holding by accident. We have rescued just about everything in our garden, from a pair of naughty pygmy goats to geese, ducks to chickens. We also breed rare ornamental pheasants. Some of our eggs have been sent to Vietnam to help repopulate the dwindling natural population of some rare ones with great success. We are members of the The World Pheasant Association where members and breeders are like zoos in gardens helping keep some rare birds from becoming extinct. We also breed rare breed chickens. These two are speckled sussex but we have many other breeds too. Our excess eggs have proven very popular with the locals and we swap them for bread which we give to the chickens! Our bottom field is filled with polytunnels and a huge vegetable plot. Alas a certain proportion of our vegetables get eaten by the pesky goats who are forever escaping from their acre plot! We’ve even started planting spinach just for them however they are absolutely obsessed with runner beans and we very often find them in the bean row munching away!

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