My Dogs

These two are my best buddies. Meet Stan and Willow. Stan is a rescue white german shepherd from German Shepherd Rescue and Willow was a present from my husband. They make quite an eye catching pair and are very well known in the Forest of Dean where we live as they come to work with me every day where I work for the Forestry Commission. We work outside all day and as such meet lots of other dogs, people and tourists. Due to their colours they are easily recognised and people know them more than they know me! Willow was born on 22nd November 2008 but we guess Stan to be a year older. You couldn’t get two more different dogs as Willow is very clever, I took her dog training for almost 2 years and she is a joy to take to work as she is so well behaved. She loves meeting other dogs and has realised that most dog walkers keep a ready supply of dog biscuits in their pockets so she gently nudges people’s pockets to remind them she needs one. Stan on the other hand is impossible to train, in fact I’d say he is seriously lacking in the intelligence area, in the years I’ve had him I’ve only taught him one thing and that’s it! Having told you his bad points I should say he more than makes up for it by being the most loyal dog I have ever known. He will not even go outside in the garden without me. I doubt he would ever get lost as he can’t bear to be more than a few inches away! We also own two little rescue terriers, Holly and Poppy who are known as Holly Molly Moo Cow and Princess Poppy Poo Bum. These two are right at home scurrying around the barn, polytunnels, sheds and chicken pens all day. They are about 4 or 5 years old and are a bundle of naughtiness. By day they work their socks off rounding up chickens but by night, all they want is an open fire to singe their whiskers in front of!

RIP Big Stan 13-02-2018. You were the centre of my universe.

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Stan and Willow

Blog posts about my pets

Happy Birthday Willow!

Today is Willow’s birthday. She’s ten years old!!!

White German shepherd pet portrait

White german shepherd pet portrait in pastel with full detailed background. Created using lightfast archival materials, this is my lovely rescue Stan Lee.

Terrier Portraits in pastel

I finally found time to finish Holly in her terrier portraits in pastel.

Terrier Dog Painting Part 1

So here is a second terrier dog painting, again in pastel! (of course, ‘what else’ as George Clooney would say!) All the stages up until this current point are detailed below.

Terrier Dog Portrait in pastel

Here is my latest pastel piece, a terrier dog portrait of Poppy, but better known to readers of my blog as my studio assistant Little Poo. 12×16 inches, panpastels, sticks and pencils on pastelmat.