The Forest of Dean

I have lived here all of my live. It is a quaint, old fashioned place to live. It’s very rural, very beautiful but most of all, very unique. There are lots of old fashioned ways in the Dean, Freemining, whereby if you work in someone’s mine for a year and a day and are born within the 100 of St Briavels you can open your own mine! You can also become a Commoner and allow your sheep to graze in certain forest areas. You can apply for pannage and allow your pigs to graze on acorns in the woods once a year or you can apply for a brushwood permit and collect small pieces of deadwood from the forest floor to use on your fire! Also you either are or are not a Forester. To be one of the special ones you have to be born within the Forest of Dean Boundary, no mean feat when most people are born in hospital these days outside the boundary limits. People who move into the area are still considered foreigners after 20 years of living here! Like I said, a quaint and unique place to live! Above all else though it is a stunningly beautiful place to live and I get to work outside in it every day! I see wonderful sights, the rolling landscapes and green woodlands which I am lucky enough to also live within.

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Forest of Dean