The Artist Studio

So a little about my studio which was originally our garage. Having two great big trucks which didn’t fit in it by any means, it was such a waste of a room! We simply stored tools, firewood, the washing machine etc and it really was unloved for a very long time! After my art started to take over the living room, plus the pastel coloured dust appearing everywhere (including changing the carpet rainbow coloured) we decided to convert the garage into a dedicated studio so I could leave my supplies out, a real bonus after having to continually pack them away! So in June 2013 we began the task of making it warm and habitable. It took a great deal of work, more than we imagined in fact but eventually we got there. The garage door was replaced by huge double glazed french doors for more light, plus a further double window was added to the side wall meaning light came in from three sides. The two interior doors were replaced with glazed doors meaning light could come in from all directions. Bearing in mind the walls were single cavity, they had to be insulated and a wood burner was added, in fact it now gets too hot at times and I have to open the window! I finally moved in before Christmas 2014 and absolutely love it! If you look carefully you will spot my studio bunny in the curtains! Ragbag was my very old rabbit and moved indoors in 2013. He was allowed to run around the studio in the evening and had a large pen on the lawn by day. Sadly he passed away aged 10 in February 2015.

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artist studio